A deckhand left our filter on the dock in our last port. So, it was off to Stainlesswaterfilters.com to get a replacement. I always try to support small businesses whenever possible, even if it may cost a few more dollars. My experience with the water softener over the past years has been flawless and without incident. I ordered a new filter and a few days later it showed up at my house. I thought I had been shipped the wrong product because the connection fitting on the filter was different from the fittings on my water softener. Now, one more thing to deal with – another headache. I sent an email to the company with a photo describing the situation. Very quickly I received a text message. It was an explanation of the improved connection fittings and what I needed to do, with pictures to make it easy. The message also said if I had any problem, just call. I thought I had followed the instructions but couldn’t seem to get it to connect. I asked for more help through text. Minutes later I received a video showing me exactly what to do. A friendly voice called shortly thereafter to make sure I was able to swap out the connectors. Once I did that, I immediately understood the improvements that had been completed since my original order years ago. I have to say that my experience set a new standard for customer support. The support I received was beyond outstanding. My experience demonstrates not only why supporting small business is always the way to go, but even more importantly, Stain-Less Water Filter is a company that has a great product, keeps on improving it and has the service to back it up. This is the real deal. During these times when COVID has been a barrier to the service delivered by most companies, this company provides a level of service way beyond what other companies deliver in the best of times. I will certainly always be a repeat customer! Thank you.

-Justin Kromelow


Dear Stainless Water Filters,

I recently purchased your water filter for my yacht. I am very impressed with the results. After hook-up to our on board water supply, I immediately noticed the difference when showering. I could feel the softness of the water, which was a pleasant surprise. I put it to the test the next day after an offshore fishing trip. I was very happy with the results after washing the boat. I was so impressed with the boat, I now use it for my car as well.

I’ve been telling all my friends about your filter. Thanks Stainless.

Don Neuroth

Dear Stain-Less Water Filters,

I just tried your portable water softener. It is fantastic. It is like being in Chicago with soft water again. I can finally wash my cars at my house. I can’t believe the difference. Best money I ever spent.


New Lenox, IL

Stain-Less Water Filters,

Last week my neighbor here at Grand Bahama Yacht Club in Freeport, brought with him from the states one of your water filters. He seemed to be real happy with the way his wife was able to clean their boat. When he left last weekend for his home in Florida, he asked if we would like to use it while he was gone. I was a bit skeptical because after all water is only water right???? Wrong!!!!!!!! My shaves were closer!! My wife said her hair was never so soft and the boat…… well it was never easier to clean. The polycarbonate windows and the EZ2CY windows came out without water spots! Incredible for the little work I put into them. Needless to say I got sucked in!!!! My order was placed today with you and I am one happy camper with your product.

Stuart S. Schechter

White Marsh, VA

Dear Stain-Less,

I’m sending this E-mail to purchase another filter, 3″ shorter so the crew can store it in a particuliar compartment.

My crew and I slaved for years washing one section at a time and then shammying behind before the sun could dry water spots on the surface. The filter has saved the crew and I countless hours maintaining our “spotless” finish. I just wanted to say thanks for your simple solution.

Captain Rob Protacki

Dear Stain-Less Water Filters,

As a professional tournament fishing team, it is imperative to our success that we always portray a clean professional image. Thanks to Stain-Less Water Filters, cleanliness has become easier and faster. Gone are all the salt and water stains that are so hard to remove and will eventually cause damage. It has become standard equipment on our boat and we go nowhere without it. We highly recommend Stain-Less Water Filters to anyone who owns a watercraft. With its ease of use, Stain-Less Water Filters delivers and keeps us in the game.

Team Rezkill

Miami, Florida

Dear Stainless Water Filters,

Just a quick note to tell you that I have been letting people use my softener at our boat club and so far 4 people have ordered units from you and possibly a 5th. Great Product!

Carl Meyer



I recently purchased your softener to replace a Soft-To-Go I purchased for my RV from Camping World. Their unit had to be recharged every week & left a residual salty taste in the drinking water. After having a water softener in our home for the last 20 years, we wanted a softener for the RV that performed as well as the home unit & we found it with your unit!! We are now full timing in our RV & I did the first recharge after using the unit for a month. It was easier to do than the Soft-To-Go was, left no salty taste in the drinking water & no spots on the rig after washing it with a bucket of water & a chamois. We purchased the mid size unit, It’s easy to hook-up/un-hook & fits in the basement so transportation is no problem. I heartily recommend this unit for RV’ers who want a softener for their rig.

Steve Fields

Sioux Falls, SD

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